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COVID-19 Update

Dear Valued Clients,

In order to comply with guidelines from the State of California and the Centers for Disease Control, Trinity Urgent Care & Occupational health has temporarily reduced our clinic hours. We are now offering full telemedicine services 9am to 9pm each day as a way to continue providing care for our patients while reducing the spread of COVID-19.

Temporary Schedule    Telemedicine Appointments


Our team has been deeply saddened by recent and long occurring events of racial injustice and police brutality throughout our nation. We have been in awe living through this historical moment in US history; a moment of awareness, education, and humility, leading to long-overdue actionable change to correct instances of racial inequity for Black Americans in the justice system, as well as in everyday life and society. We unequivocally support peaceful protesters and join them in demanding justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, and the inexcusably long list of names of our fellow human beings who have died while in police custody or as a result of long-standing racism in the United States.

As we raise our voices with protesters around the country saying Black Lives Matter, we must also acknowledge how racial inequality has affected the medical field. Statistically, Black women have a higher maternal mortality rate by far than any other minority or racial group in the US. Cries of discomfort and pain from Black patients may not be believed as readily, leading to distrust and a community that may be underserved at greater rates than other racial groups. While OUR physicians could not imagine this, the statistics throughout the country can no longer be ignored. Black healthcare workers too, face racism on the job at disproportionate rates. As employers, it is our intention not only to protect our own employees from such experiences, but also to speak out in support of healthcare workers throughout our country to ensure that we hold not only our own facilities accountable, but you also raise the bar for our fellow medical practices by talking the talk and walking the walk on the importance of racial equality in the medical industry.

As always, we aim to provide excellence in service and a comfortable working environment irrespective of race (...religion, gender identity, or sexual preference), and to provide quality healthcare to those seeking urgent care or medical aesthetic services.

We know that we are not alone in our heartbreak, but we urge each of you to continue doing the work to fight for racial justice in our communities, and beyond. This means using your voices in whatever ways you can, using your wallets to support peaceful protesters and support Black-Owned businesses, and your VOTE in local, state, and federal elections to enact laws that make it clear just what we need: Justice, Accountability, and Transparency in Law Enforcement, and an EQUAL Opportunity for Life, Freedom, and the Pursuit of Happiness for our fellow Black Americans.

Our wish for you remains as ever: Wonderful health, the utmost confidence in yourself, and deep gratitude for every single breath.

Sincerely Yours,

The Alshifa Medical Group Family
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